The Manufacturing Taskforce

The Manufacturing Matters Taskforce is a collaborative partnership that brings together Philadelphia’s City Departments and Agencies, City Council, regional leaders, private industry, public institutions and community leaders to put together a roadmap for Philadelphia’s manufacturing future.  The Taskforce was created by Mayor Nutter and Councilman Bobby Henon, and with the support of Councilman David Oh.  Check out the Executive Order to learn more. 

Manufacturing Matters: Our Mission

The Taskforce shall study and evaluate the state of manufacturing industry in Philadelphia, impediments to the growth of manufacturing, aspects of the City and region that positively support the growth of manufacturing in the City and shall make recommendations regarding means to improve the development of manufacturing industry in the City.

Manufacturing Matters: What are we going to evaluate?

The Taskforce will evaluate:

  1. The availability and quality of the workforce in connection with manufacturing; the type of skills needed to promote the growth of manufacturing; the status of the local workforce compared to other regions and other major U.S. Cities; opportunities to improve the skills of entry- level production workers;   and opportunities to develop an appropriate workforce within the current workforce and workforce pipeline, including training opportunities within the current workforce;
  2. Opportunities to expand career guidance and development in K-12 schools and improve student and parent awareness of career opportunities in manufacturing;
  3. The impact of current City policies, regulations and administrative practices with respect to manufacturing, with a comparison to similar policies and practices in the region and other major U.S. cities;
  4. The availability and quality of industrial land and structures  in the City, building on PIDC’s Industrial Land Use Study;
  5. The City and region’s locational advantages and transportation systems and opportunities to improve capacity, expand access to markets and reduce costs;
  6. The impact of utility and energy costs on the manufacturing sector compared to such  costs in other regions and major U.S Cities;
  7. The impact of local business entity (LBE) bid preferences on the manufacturing sector and opportunities to enhance LBE preferences to encourage sector growth and strengthen local supplier networks;
  8. Opportunities for synergy between companies in related manufacturing segments for sector partnerships, opportunities to share new markets, best practices and streamlining costs;
  9. Opportunities to improve the image of manufacturing as a  significant segment of industry in Philadelphia;
  10. Methods to improve efforts to recruit new manufacturing companies as well as retain Philadelphia’s own manufacturing firms;
  11. City, State, Federal and private sector resources that can be used to support and promote the manufacturing sector in Philadelphia; and
  12. Any other issue or subject that the Task Force deems necessary to achieve its goals and objectives.

Manufacturing Matters: The Roadmap

The Task Force shall make recommendations in the following areas:

  1. Measures that can be taken by the City or others with respect to improving workforce development and workforce training;
  2. Changes to City policies, regulation and practices that will promote growth and support the manufacturing sector;
  3. How to best make industrial land readily available for expansion of businesses within the City or for attraction of businesses from outside the City;
  4. How to enhance the City’s transportation and utilities systems to promote manufacturing;
  5. Measures that can be taken to promote the image of the City with respect manufacturing and developed synergies among manufacturing businesses;
  6. How City and other governmental and private sector resources can be better leveraged to attract and promote manufacturing industry in the city; and
  7. Any other aspect of its study and evaluation deemed helpful to promote manufacturing industry in the City.


Taskforce Members

Mayor Nutter appointed the four chairs to the Taskforce on January 15, 2013. The four appointed chairs are:

The remaining members of the Taskforce will be selected by the four chairs.  Taskforce members will have an expertise in their field and come from both manufacturers and the communities that house them. 

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