National Manufacturing Day Declared in Philadelphia

Councilman Bobby Henon (6th Dist.) officially recognized Friday Oct. 4 as National Manufacturing Day in the City of Philadelphia. Henon was joined today by local manufacturers and business leaders at a proclamation ceremony in City Council.

Manufacturers will celebrate the 2ndAnnual National Manufacturing Day across the nation tomorrow. In Philadelphia, local manufacturers from across the sector will participate.

“Philadelphia began as the original start-up city, we make everything in Philadelphia, from beer to textiles to church robes to ball bearings. Our manufacturers supplied the world once and we can again,” Henon said. “Part of what Manufacturing Day is about is a chance for us to celebrate the hard-working men and women who are the heartbeat of our local economy. It also give us a chance to show young people the increasingly high-tech and innovative nature of this career path.”

Bill Hunt, CEO of Agusta Westland, received the proclamation on behalf of the region's manufacturers.

Councilman Henon speaks during the presentation.

“Critical to a successful manufacturing operation are an available and trained workforce, established and reliable infrastructure, and partners in government that have an understanding of the value that manufacturing jobs bring to our people and our city,” Hunt said. “All of you in this room are our partners, and play a key role in allowing the residents of Philadelphia to thrive and our economy to advance.”

Hunt continued, “I urge my fellow business leaders and our elected officials to take the lead in manufacturing Philadelphia’s future and prioritize the need to adequately educate our children, attract new business, and give our residents a quality of life that exceeds that of just a 'decent' wage. Manufacturing jobs do just that. We must be partners in teaching the lesson that manufacturing is good for the City and good for the citizens of Philadelphia.”

Councilman Henon and Hunt are co-chairs of the Manufacturing Matters Task Force, along with Dan Fitzpatrick, President of Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania and Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development. National Manufacturing Day events in Philadelphia will be highlighted by a visit to Next Fab Studios (2025 Washington Ave.) with students from MaST Charter School from 11:30 -2:00 on Friday, Oct. 4.

“Manufacturing is coming back. There's a resurgence across the country,” Henon said. “We need to make sure that, here in Philadelphia, we support this sector with sound policy and help them make our city a major player in manufacturing once again.”

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